lunadoc - simple markdown documentation for lua modules


luadoc [options] [file..]


This program reads a number of source files, scans them for special comment blocks beginning with '---', and writes an HTML file documenting each module to the doc directory. There must be blank space between the opening dashes and any following text.

If the comment block immediately precedes a declaration of a function or variable, the name is extracted automatically and placed at the top of the comment block in the output. Example:

--- This function frobs a brib.
-- `brib` is the brib to frob.
-- `smorg` turns on smorging if true.
function M.frob_a_brib(brib)

Each file is assumed to be a module. The 'module' keyword need not be used. The M. prefix on declarations will be removed, as it is assumed that this is used to put definitions in the module's namespace.

Documentation is parsed as markdown, with definition lists and smart typography extensions.

Module names in square brackets automatically create links to the module's documentation. For example:

-- See [lunamark.util].


--dir,-d PATH
Output directory (default 'doc'). Directory will be created if it does not exist.
--css,-c PATH
Path of CSS file to use. If not specified, a default CSS file will be used.
--template,-T PATH
Path of a cosmo template to be used for module documentation. If not specified, a default template will be used.
Print version information.
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John MacFarlane.